Halong bay on Four Seasons Junk - 2 days and 1 night - Parfum d'Automne Halong bay on Four Seasons Junk - 2 days and 1 night - Parfum d'Automne Halong bay on Four Seasons Junk - 2 days and 1 night - Parfum d'Automne

Halong bay on Four Seasons Junk – 2 days and 1 night

per person

The ideal itinerary for travelers exploring Vietnam from North to South and wanting to visit a maximum number of destinations during their stay!

This itinerary will take you to Lan Ha Bay for 2 days, with highlights including exploring the less-traveled parts of the bay, visiting the village of Viet Hai by bike, kayaking to discover beautiful coves, and crossing Cat Ba Island by motorbike (according to your preference). Of course, you’ll also get to savor the seafood and fish of the bay.

These are two diverse and full-of-surprises days awaiting you!

The Four Seasons junk has four cabins and can be booked for private or shared (book a cabin) use. Therefore, this itinerary is suitable for large groups (up to 10 people, privately) as well as individuals (solo travelers, couples, or groups of friends) seeking an authentic experience in Halong Bay.

2 days and 1 night
  • Destination
  • Departure
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  • Return Time
  • Dress Code
    Comfortable and rainproof clothing, hiking shoes, first aid kit.
  • Included
    Halong bay on Four Seasons Junk – 2 days and 1 night
Hanoi – Cat Ba island – Lan Ha bay
The driver will pick you up at your hotel around 8:00 AM, heading to Cat Ba Island. You will initially take a ferry to reach the island. After the ferry ride, to reach the town of Cat Ba (located about 30 km away), we offer you a one-hour motorcycle ride with a driver, off the beaten path. If you prefer not to experience the motorcycle ride, you can take the bus instead. Around 12:30 PM, you will board our traditional boat, the Four Seasons. Our junk boat first cruises through the fishing village of Hang Vem in Lan Ha Bay. Sailing is possible depending on the wind. Enjoy this journey to relax, swim, and soak up the sun on deserted beaches (weather permitting, of course). You have the option to take a kayak trip and explore a fishing village. Lunch and dinner are served on board and consist of fresh seafood (fish, shrimp, squid, shellfish) purchased from local fishermen. You will spend the night on board in a bay in the middle of Lan Ha Bay.
  • Included in the day: Transportation from Hanoi (by bus or car depending on your choice), cruise on the Four Seasons, lunch and dinner, kayaking, overnight stay on the Four Seasons.
Lan Ha bay – Cat Ba island – Hanoi
Breakfast on board the junk boat before starting the morning program: a 2-hour bike ride to reach the village of Viet Hai. You will return to the junk boat around 11:00 AM. Brunch will be served. Return to Cat Ba Island around 12:00 PM to catch the bus or car (according to your choice).
  • Included in the day: Cruise on the Four Seasons, breakfast, lunch, bike ride, return transportation to Hanoi (by bus or car).
  • Here are the prices for the 2-day private cruise on the Four Seasons. The price will depend on the number of people booking the cruise and the chosen mode of transportation. These prices do not include a guide. You will need to add 50 dollars per day (regardless of the number of people) to benefit from the services of an English-speaking tour guide. Prices are per person and in dollars.
2 pax 3 pax 4 pax 5 pax 6 pax 7-8 pax
By bus 290 265 225 215 210 190
By car 350 310 260 240 225 205
  • Now here are the prices per person for a collective cruise (other people will book other cabins) with round-trip transportation by bus from Hanoi:
1 pax / cabine 2 pax / cabine
2 days and 1 night 250 200