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Authentic tours in Vietnam

Authentic tours in Vietnam

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Vietnam is still a land of adventures, and we invite you to explore the country off the beaten path through our tours. You will delight in hiking through breathtaking landscapes, meeting the country’s ethnic minorities, and staying with local hosts.

The tours below are perfect for those seeking complete immersion and unforgettable encounters.

All our tours are private, designed for those who want to discover Vietnam in a privileged way, with English-speaking tour guides who can lovingly explain the customs and traditions of their country.


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Authentic and local experiences in Vietnam


To give you an idea of what we offer in our tours, we have selected some authentic activities that you will experience during your journey with us.


Taking a cruise on a junk boat

While Halong Bay remains a must-visit during your trip to Vietnam, you still have the opportunity to explore it authentically. We offer cruises on our junk boat in Lan Ha Bay, around Cat Ba Island. In this part of the bay, you won’t find large ships but small wooden junk boats. We invite you to a moment of daydreaming and contemplation through our 2 or 3-day tours.


Hiking in the mountains

Northern Vietnam offers a fantastic playground for all aspiring hikers. You can organize short walks (from 1 to 3 days) or longer treks lasting up to a week. Among the destinations that are perfect for hiking, you’ll find Hoang Su Phi, Mu Cang Chai, and Pu Luong, all of which feature stunning terraced rice fields.


Staying with locals

During your treks in Northern Vietnam, you will have the opportunity to stay with local families. With tourism having developed over the last 20 years, minority ethnic groups have opened their doors to supplement their income. Thanks to your guide, who will act as an interpreter, you can understand the customs and traditions of the various families – often from different ethnic backgrounds – that you will meet and spend enjoyable moments with.


Visiting ethnic minority markets

We will arrange your treks in the North in a way that you can attend an ethnic minority market. There are many of them in the North, and some are well-known, such as those in Bac Ha or Meo Vac. It’s a special experience that many travelers enjoy.


Taking a cooking class

Vietnam is, of course, known for its refined and flavorful cuisine. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to either opt for a food tour (for food enthusiasts) or prepare a meal (for culinary enthusiasts). In Northern Vietnam, the families hosting you will be delighted to show you their way of preparing meals. Other specific options are available in cities (especially Hanoi). We recommend doing this in Tra Que, Hoi An, where you can go to the gardens to harvest organic fruits and vegetables.


Visiting a floating market

While Northern Vietnam has its ethnic markets, the Mekong Delta has its floating markets. Unfortunately, with the development of road infrastructure and the Covid pandemic, the floating markets are no longer as vibrant and authentic as they used to be. However, some are still worth a visit, such as the one in Long Xuyen.



The most authentic destination in Vietnam


Below, discover some of the most authentic and off-the-beaten-path destinations in Vietnam. Rest assured that our tours will include some of these.


Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is the little sister of Halong Bay, the area located around Cat Ba Island. While the main Halong Bay has lost some of its charm today, hosting only large vessels, Lan Ha Bay still maintains an authentic appeal. In this bay, you can still find fishing villages and the last remaining wooden junk boats. Our agency one junk – Four Seasons – which will allow you to peacefully explore the landscapes of the bay.


Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi is a still relatively unknown district in the province of Ha Giang, mainly due to its challenging accessibility. However, with our private tours, you can easily explore this beautiful region, where some of the most stunning and dramatic terraced rice fields can be found. There are a few eco-lodges in the area, but the accommodation conditions with local families are still quite basic.


Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai, in the Yen Bai province, is a favorite playground for photographers during the rice harvest season. Indeed, the district is home to stunning terraced rice fields that are a shame not to capture. We often suggest combining a visit to Mu Cang Chai with Nghia Lo, a beautiful valley along the way.


Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is located on the way to Ha Giang, and for those planning a trip to this region, Ba Be makes for a beautiful first stop. Here, you can go hiking and take a boat ride on this magnificent freshwater lake.


Pu Luong

For those who don’t have the time to venture into the Northern mountains or who aren’t traveling during the right rice season (between November and May), we recommend visiting the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Located at a lower altitude in a very fertile area, the villagers harvest rice twice a year. This increases your chances of witnessing stunning landscapes.


Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is certainly not on the typical guidebook itineraries, but if you’re considering a beach vacation away from international tourists, Quy Nhon is the place for you. It’s primarily a beach resort known by Vietnamese people who enjoy relaxing there and savoring seafood.


An Giang

An Giang is a province in the Mekong Delta, notably housing the region of Chau Doc. Here, you find a crossroads of Cham, Kinh, and Khmer cultures. You can visit very colorful Khmer pagodas and even mosques! Not to mention the stunning landscapes: rice fields, floating villages, and flooded forests, such as the Tra Su Bird Reserve.


Con Dao island

What could be better than ending your journey with a stay on a paradise island? Vietnam, despite its 3,000 kilometers of coastline, has only a limited number of islands. If you had to choose, you would have the option between Phu Quoc and Con Dao Island. The latter is preferred if you seek tranquility and relaxation.


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