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Vietnam from North to South

Tailor made tours Tailor made tours

The geographical configuration of Vietnam, a narrow and long country of nearly 2,000 km (imagine the distance between Brussels and Seville in the South of Spain!) naturally lends itself to a discovery going from North to South or vice versa.

It is thus possible to obtain a more or less in-depth panorama depending on the time you take to visit Vietnam.

You can opt for a 12-day trip keeping only the unmissable destinations of the country or take full advantage of Vietnam by staying 21 days in the territory. For a first visit, a 15-day trip is recommended.

In any case, whatever the region you visit in Vietnam, whether it is North, Center or South, be sure to live enriching experiences and a great diversity: cultural, landscapes, gastronomic or human!

When to travel from North to South of Vietnam ?

Since Vietnam is a very long country, each major region has its own climate. It is possible to divide the country into three zones: North, Center and South. The best time to discover all of Vietnam is from our point of view the months of March and April. During these two months, you will have mild weather throughout the territory. You will avoid the rains and the hot weather.

In North Vietnam, the best months are April, September, October and November. It’s harvest season in September and you’ll see the rice paddies in their finest guise! The best time to visit Central Vietnam is from January to April, after the rains. Finally, we advise you to visit South Vietnam from December to March.

Our tours ideas for travelling from North to South

Our favorite destinations in Vietnam


The list of destinations to recommend during your stay in Vietnam can be long and the duration of your trip alone will probably not be enough to discover them all!

Depending on the time you have to travel around Vietnam (and depending on the season), Parfum d’Automne will be able to recommend the most appropriate destinations.

Navigating our boats in the peaceful Lan Ha Bay, much less touristy than Halong Bay, it is certain that we will recommend this excursion in any season!

For the rest, it would be a shame to miss the rice fields sculpted by the ethnic groups of North Vietnam, the towns and villages with their indescribable charm in the center such as Hué or Hoi an, and finally the Mekong Delta in the South of the country.

By contacting our agency in Hanoi, be sure that we will do everything to make your tour from North to South a memorable trip tailored to you, avoiding pitfalls and enjoying the most beautiful destinations!


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