Where to stay in Cat Ba island. The best hotels of the island Where to stay in Cat Ba island. The best hotels of the island Where to stay in Cat Ba island. The best hotels of the island
Cat Ba Oasis Bungalow vu du ciel

Where to stay in Cat Ba island. The best hotels of the island


Cat Ba Island offers a significant number of activities (trekking, cruising in Lan Ha Bay, cave exploration, etc.), and you will likely need to stay overnight to fully enjoy them.

In this article, we will list various accommodations available based on your budget. As always, we will share our best recommendations and favorites.


Why staying overnight in Cat Ba island ?

Cat Ba Island is one of the few islands in Northern Vietnam, and you will likely enjoy staying there for a while after trekking in Northern Vietnam.

The island also offers a sufficient number of activities for you to spend a night. If you choose to go on a cruise in Lan Ha Bay, the best choice you can make is to spend one night on a junk boat and another night in one of the accommodations on Cat Ba Island.

What are the best adresses on the island ? 

Here is our selection based on budget.


Partie de beach volley sur la plage de Woodstock Beach Camp, Cat Ba

Beach volley on Cat Ba island, Vietnam


Accommodation for tight budget

The island of Cat Ba is highly appreciated by backpackers, i.e., young travelers wandering with backpacks. Indeed, from Cat Ba Island, it is possible to book very cheap day cruises or rent a motorcycle for a modest price. It is also possible to find accommodation for very little. Here are two accommodations that we recommend.


Secret Garden

Located in the center of Cat Ba town, Secret Garden is undoubtedly the favorite place for young travelers. The clientele is exclusively Western, and the atmosphere is relaxed in this accommodation that offers single beds in dormitories. Young Australians and English people opened this hostel in 2018 to create a friendly space for travelers, like a Spanish hostel.

The originality of the place lies in the fact that they organize a communal dinner every evening, the “family dinner,” to allow everyone to exchange. Concerts are often organized during the meal. And it’s included in the room price! Breakfast is optional, for only an additional 1 dollar!

The Secret Garden has a rating of 9.4 on Booking.

Here is an enthusiastic testimonial:

The evening meal is great for exchanging and meeting other travelers, a chill and relaxed atmosphere perfect for backpackers. The place is tastefully decorated, and you can close the curtains in the dorms for a bit of privacy.” Gaëlle, France.

A must if you want to meet other young travelers!


La décoration de la salle principale de Secret Garden, Cat Ba

Deco of the main area of Secret Garden, Cat Ba


Cat Ba Pod Hostel

Located just 500m from Secret Garden, Cat Ba Pod Hostel has several advantages.

Firstly, it is situated along the coast, without any opposite buildings. You will thus have a superb view of Lan Ha Bay from the restaurant located on the roof.

Secondly, it has more accommodation options than Secret Garden. You will have the choice between:

A single bed in a dormitory for about 7 euros; A double bed in a dormitory for about 10 euros; A private room with a view of the port and balcony for about 25 euros.

The word “pod” means “capsule,” and it indeed reflects the design of the dorms. You will each have privacy by closing your curtain.

This accommodation has an excellent rating of 9.6 on Booking.

Here is an enthusiastic testimonial:

“The size of the beds in the dorms (one and a half), the privacy of the pods, the comfort of the beds, storage spaces, the rooftop with a view of the sea. Great address for backpackers!” Camille, France.


Les dortoirs en forme de "pod" ou "capsules"

 “Pod” dorms, Cat Ba island. 


Accommodation for mid-range budget

If you’re looking for more charm, tranquility, and comfort, there are also some very good addresses on Cat Ba Island. In fact, these are most often the ones we recommend to our travelers!


Cat Ba Oasis Bungalow

Located near Cat Co beaches, the most famous on Cat Ba, Cat Ba Oasis Bungalow offers everything you need for a great time:

Basic dormitories if you want to save money; Bungalows with double beds (1 or two double beds), perfect for couples and families; An outdoor pool; A restaurant; A garden; And even an ATM.

You could spend the afternoon there with your children!

Count around 30 euros for a bungalow with a double bed and 40 euros for a family bungalow.

This accommodation has a rating of 9.1 on Booking.

Here is an enthusiastic testimony:

“The hotel is well located, at the end of the street, which keeps it away from the noise of the neighboring bars. The staff members give good advice. Pretty bungalows, a bar with many spaces for small groups, a beautiful pool, free billiards, and foosball. The setting is pleasant for spending good times,” Tony, France.


Cat Ba Oasis Bungalow vu du ciel

Cat Ba Oasis Bungalow from above. 



Le Pont Bungalow Hostel

This hotel should have been called “The Pier” since its restaurant extends somewhat into the sea… Located near Cat Co 3 beach, at the end of the road along the coast, Le Pont has small bungalows, rooms, and dormitories. The place is mainly known for its terraces, which offer a magnificent view of the bay, and its restaurant serving excellent seafood.

Count around 20-30 euros for a room/bungalow.

Here’s what a customer said in September 2019:

“Nice bungalow with a very nice view, the staff is welcoming. It’s very quiet compared to other hotels in the center. Very close to the beach. The hotel has a very well-placed bar with a superb view of the sunset.”


Le Pont Bungalow Hostel vu du ciel

Le Pont Bungalow Hostel from above


La vue depuis le restaurant de Le Pont Bungalow Hostel

View from the restaurant of Le Pont Bungalow Hostel



Accommodation for high budget

Cat Ba Island is not known for its resorts or luxury hotels. It is more of a preferred destination for families and those wanting to explore Lan Ha Bay. Nevertheless, a few accommodations with a slightly higher standard also exist.


Perle d’Orient Cat Ba

The MGallery brand of the Accor group has been established on Cat Ba Island since June 2020. Located on the shore of Cat Co 3 Beach, Perle d’Orient is sure to delight those seeking refinement. Two pools, tastefully decorated spacious rooms, a spa, and a gym – everything is in place to ensure a relaxing stay. However, a small drawback: the late afternoon can be quite noisy on Cat Co 3 Beach in the summer…

You should expect to pay around 150 to 200 euros for a night in this 5-star hotel.


L'hôtel Perle d'Orient donnant sur la plage Cat Co 3, Cat Ba

Perle d’Orient hotel at Cat Co 3, Cat Ba

Flamingo Beach Resort Cat Ba

Flamingo is a large resort complex primarily targeting the upper class in Vietnam. This is the second hotel opened by this brand, with the first one located in Dai Lai, an unknown place to international tourists. You can choose between bungalows or hotel rooms, and the beaches are at the base of the hotel buildings. Always keep in mind that these beaches will be crowded in the late afternoon during the summer season!


Hôtel Flamingo, Cat Ba

Hôtel Flamingo, Cat Ba


Cat Ba Island Resort et Spa

Here we have a massive hotel located by the sea and only 500m from the center of Cat Ba. The hotel has 2 outdoor pools and a section of the Cat Co beach is privatized. There is also a restaurant, a spa, a game room, and a playground for children.

It’s a somewhat older resort, and the rooms could use a bit of refurbishment, but they are spacious, and you will find all the necessary activities to have a good relaxing time (beach, pool, spa).

Expect to pay around 60 to 70 euros in the low season… however, prices soar from May to September, during the summer. You should budget around 100 euros for a room during that time!

This is the favorite hotel for Vietnamese families coming for a weekend on Cat Ba Island during the summer.


Le Resort vue de l'extérieur, Cat Ba, Vietnam

Resort from the swimming pool, Cat Ba, Vietnam


Here the hotels on the map

Localisation des meilleurs hôtels de l'ile de Cat Ba, Vietnam


You now know our best accommodation recommendations on Cat Ba Island.

Feel free to contact us to create your customized itinerary in Vietnam.


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